Daughter won't leave abusive boyfriend

Ben feels so helpless and aggrieved that he cannot do anything to stop his daughter's boyfriend from abusing her.

The boyfriend has slapped, kicked, punched and strangled his 30-year-old daughter multiple times.

Yet, the police have not arrested the boyfriend, Ben (not his real name), a 60-year-old administrator, told The Sunday Times.

He suspected something was amiss when he spotted bruises on his daughter's limbs last year.

The clerk confessed that her boyfriend of more than a year had hit her. Once, he bashed her until she lost consciousness. Another time, he pushed her and she fell, suffering a serious cut on her head.

He was also very possessive, and suspicious of others. He forbade her from contacting her friends, and bugged her phone to keep tabs on her movements, her social worker Tey Meiqi said.

Ben said: "We told her to break up with him umpteen times. She said he is a nice guy, but has an anger-management problem.

"I think she is so afraid of him or she has fallen so much for him that she can't let go."

Ben made his daughter lodge two police reports last year. But the police did not arrest the boyfriend. Instead, they told her to file a magistrate's complaint with the courts to seek redress to stop the abuse.

A police spokesman confirmed that police reports had been made, and they had advised Ben's daughter on her legal recourse.

But his daughter downplayed the violence when filing the magistrate's complaint and the case was dropped, Ben said.

"My wife and I are very fearful for her life and her future," he said. "It is most frustrating that the law does not protect her."

Theresa Tan

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