Youth linked to OCBC scams committed acts of rioting that left 4 victims injured

Leong Jun Xian and his fellow gang members crossed paths with another group of youths at Oriental Plaza mall in New Bridge Road on Nov 20, 2020. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY

SINGAPORE - A youth linked to the OCBC phishing scams involving about $12.8 million was a secret society member who committed two acts of rioting that left four victims injured, a district court heard on Wednesday (April 20).

Leong Jun Xian, who turns 21 on Thursday, pleaded guilty to two counts each of dealing with the benefits of criminal conduct and rioting.

He also admitted to a charge under the Organised Crime Act.

Leong was with fellow gang members at Oriental Plaza mall in New Bridge Road in the evening on Nov 20, 2020, when they crossed paths with another group of youths.

There were at least nine people in Leong's group and four in the other.

A member of Leong's gang, the Sio Kun Tong secret society of the "18" group, stared at the other group and an 18-year-old boy looked back at him.

A scuffle soon erupted between the two groups over the staring incident.

Several members of Leong's gang then turned their attention to another 18-year-old boy and rained blows on him.

A member of the building's security staff saw the assault and tried to intervene.

Despite the security officer's presence, two members from Leong's gang proceeded to punch their victim multiple times while he was on the ground.

The group momentarily stopped the brawl, only to continue assaulting their victims soon after.

Police officers on patrol in the vicinity spotted the dispute in front of Oriental Plaza at around 11.40pm and stepped in.

Three people from the victims' group later sought medical treatment. One had a concussion, as well as multiple bruises on his head, arms and back. Two others were found with facial injuries.

As for the other rioting case, the court heard that it took place after the assistant headman of Leong's secret society found out that a man had made remarks that belittled their gang.

Leong and several gang members went to the void deck of Block 422 Bedok North Road at around 12.50am on Jan 10 last year to confront the man.

The assistant headman tried to punch the man but missed. The man retaliated by throwing a punch at the attacker's face.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Jason Chua and Lee Wei Liang stated in court documents that Leong and his fellow gang members then assaulted the victim.

The man was also made to kneel and bow multiple times as a form of apology to the secret society.

He later lodged a police report and an ambulance took him to Changi General Hospital. The DPPs said he suffered multiple injuries including facial wounds. He was given three days of outpatient medical leave.

Leong is expected to be sentenced in June.

Court documents do not disclose details of the outcome of the cases involving his fellow gang members.

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