Woman jailed for trying to snatch cop's loaded revolver

A property agent left the scene after crashing her car into a signpost, and later tried to snatch a police officer's loaded revolver, a district court heard yesterday.

For attempted possession of an offensive weapon, Han Jing, 38, was sentenced to 11 months' jail, plus an additional 12 weeks' jail in lieu of caning.

The Singapore permanent resident pleaded guilty. Two other charges - hurling a flower pot, a small table and a clothes rack from the 30th floor of a River Valley condominium and causing hurt to a police officer by doing the rash act to endanger personal safety - were considered in sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Azri Imran Tan said Staff Sergeant Muhammad Noor Abdul Rahman and Sergeant Muhammad Ihsan Mohammad Helmi went to Soo Chow Garden Road on Jan 22 last year to investigate a report of a car crash.

They found that a black Mini Cooper had crashed into a signpost.

Han Jing has been sentenced to 11 months’ jail, plus another 12 weeks’ jail in lieu of caning.

After ascertaining that a woman clad in a white top and a black skirt was the driver, they went to look for her and saw Han Jing at a bus stop along the main road.

They asked her to go with them to the accident scene, and she did. At the scene, she was told to wait, but she later started to walk off in the direction of Upper Thomson Road.

She stopped near the junction of Soo Chow Drive and Soo Chow Gardens where the officers persuaded her to return to the scene.

DPP Tan said Han suddenly grabbed the butt of Staff Sgt Muhammad Noor's revolver, which was loaded and secured in a holster attached to the utility belt around his waist. Han continued pulling the revolver upwards several times, but the officer held on to it tightly.

Undeterred, Han continued to pull at it. Eventually, Sgt Muhammad Ihsan forcefully grabbed her left elbow and pulled her hand away. They then arrested her.

DPP Tan asked for no less than nine months' jail and an additional 12 weeks' jail in lieu of caning to be imposed. He said an unequivocal and uncompromising message had to be sent to deter anyone from trying to seize a firearm from a law enforcement officer.

Han, he said, had scant regard for the law and the authorities. Among other things, the native of Xinjiang, China, absconded while on bail for the gun incident and was arrested in September for the rash act offences.

District Judge Wong Li Tein, who backdated Han's sentence to Sept 6, agreed with the prosecution that the acts were very serious, and that her post-event conduct was "quite reprehensible''. Noting Han's mitigation of acute stress disorder, she said stress occurs to every single person every day.

Han could have been jailed for up to 18 months. The offence is also punishable with at least six strokes of the cane but women and those above 50 cannot be caned.

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