Woman jailed for lying that she was raped by her employer

SINGAPORE - A performing artiste who lied to the police about being raped by her employer was jailed for three weeks on Thursday.

Citti Babu Prasanya, 21, an Indian national, admitted to lying to a senior police officer during a police interview on Aug 11 last year. She had said that one Haji Mohamed Shaik Allauddin, 33, had sex with her the previous day even though she repeatedly told him in Tamil that she did not want.

The court heard Prasanya had been working for Haji Mohamed's club, Aashiyana, since July 4 last year when she made the rape allegation against him.

As a result, Haji Mohamed was arrested by the police and had his statement taken.

Haji Mohamed denied the allegations, saying the sex was consensual and that Prasanya had initiated it.

He told the police specifically that she did not say she did not want to have sex with him.

He also said Prasanya had told him that her boyfriend, who was a customer at the club, had found out she had sex with him (Haji Mohamed), and that the boyfriend had said that if she was not a prostitute, then she must have been forced.

Prasanya subsequently admitted to the officer that she was "confused and lost'' when she made the false report, and that she was sorry for what she had done.

She could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined up to $5,000 for giving false information to a public servant.