Victim now has self-esteem issues after video uploaded online

One of the videos which Colin Chua took was 14 minutes long and showed the victim showering.

It was later uploaded online and could be found on pornographic sites. According to the statement of facts, it was still being circulated in August 2020, around 41/2 years after the video was taken, and had been viewed at least 177,435 times.

In her victim impact statement, she said that friends and strangers would tell her about the online video, leaving her embarrassed.

She also said she has turned down many social activities that involve staying at birthday parties at hotels and chalets in fear that she would have to use a public toilet. She has self-esteem issues and felt "very unworthy".

A total of 11 victim impact statements were submitted, which highlighted feelings of shock and lingering paranoia about interacting with men and using public toilets.

Another victim said: "Every time that I go to a bathroom that is not my own, I worry that someone could be filming me. I keep thinking back to all the times that I had used a bathroom that he had access to, and I wonder if he may have other videos that were not seized."

According to the prosecution, the accused had admitted that he had filmed hundreds of videos and the charges he faced were "only a fragment of the full extent of the accused's offending". More charges would have been added "but for the fact that the data containing the other voyeuristic videos had been corrupted and such videos could not be forensically extracted".

The prosecution highlighted the great lengths Chua went to to lure the victims and then make sure he was not discovered, such as flushing the toilet when placing the recording device in the toilet.

"Unlike other more opportunistic cases, the accused schemed to manufacture the conditions to commit the offences. The accused recorded many of the videos after he had insisted on hosting gatherings and lured the victims to his residence," the prosecution said.

"In doing so, the accused exploited the trust of his victims, and filmed the videos at his residence where the victims should reasonably have expected a sense of ease and safety."

The prosecution also said Chua showed a lack of remorse and was uncooperative during investigations.

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