Trio jailed and caned for conspiring to rape drunk pub waitress

SINGAPORE - Three young men - two brothers and their acquaintance - who conspired to rape a pub waitress who was drinking with them were on Friday sentenced to jail and caning for the July 2010 sexual assault.

Ho Boon Sheng, 25, who mooted the idea of having a foursome with the 18-year-old waitress and was the only one who eventually raped her, was jailed 13 and a half years and ordered to be caned 12 strokes.

Ho's wife, carrying their nine-day-old infant - born on New Year's Day - sobbed as he was led away by guards.

Brothers Calvin Tan Jian Wei, 28, and Edwin Tan Jian An, 26, were each jailed 11 years and ordered to be caned eight strokes for abetting Ho's rape.

Calvin Tan had carried the teenager to the room and Edwin Tan had held her legs while they were all on the bed. Both had also groped the victim.

"Events could have turned out more serious if not for the timely intervention of the hotel staff," said Justice Chan Seng Onn as he sentenced the trio after they pleaded guilty to engaging in a conspiracy to commit rape.

Employees at the Hotel 81 Cosy in Jiak Chuan Street had called the room or knocked on the door after hearing the victim's screams but were assured that she was "okay".

The hotel manager entered the room as the trio were leaving, saw the victim crying on the bed and asked if she wanted to call the police. A front office executive made the call when she said yes.

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