Train commuter fined for causing nuisance and entering driver's cabin

SINGAPORE - A Canadian was fined $600 on Wednesday for pushing the emergency exit panel of an SMRT train driver's cabin and entering the cabin.

Peter Anthony Kampos, 36, admitted to the two offences under the Rapid Transit Systems Regulations on March 16.

The court heard that Kampos boarded the crowded west-bound SMRT train at about 6.30pm that day.

Wanting to get away from the crowd, he noticed the emergency exit panel of the driver's cabin at the rear end of the train.

He followed the instructions by the side of the cabin door and managed to enter the driver's cabin by pushing open the emergency exit panel and pulling the lever.

Once inside, he saw a second door and tried to open it but was unable to do so.

An unidentified passenger saw what he did and pressed the emergency communication button on the train. The train came to a stop at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, where Kampos was found crouching in a corner of the driver's cabin. Police came and arrested him.

Kampos, who had been remanded since late last month as he could not get a Singapore bailor, pleaded for a light fine.

He could have been fined up to $500 on each charge.