Three teens accused of bid to break into store

Three teenagers were in court yesterday for allegedly attempting to break into a Little India jewellery store by using an oxy-acetylene blowtorch that can be used to cut through metal.

Saatish Gautham and Jamal Razeen Abdul Ghani, both 19, and Mohammad Faris Mohammad Fadzir, 17, were each charged with one count of attempted housebreaking.

They are accused of committing the offence at the Jewel Palace shop in Buffalo Road at around 4.40am on Sunday.

According to court documents, the trio tried to commit housebreaking by using the torch to dismantle the store's shutter door and lock.

At around 5.20am that day, officers received a report that the roller shutters of a jewellery store were found damaged with burn marks, police said in a statement.

Besides the oxy-acetylene tanks, police also recovered a blowtorch, gloves, cap, mask and some housebreaking implements near the area. Police said they received reports from a goldsmith and an apparel shop that burnt marks were also found on their doors on the same day.

Officers from Central Police Division established the teenagers' identities through extensive ground inquiries and police cameras. They were arrested in an operation that started at 6pm on Sunday and ended at 2am on Monday.

Saatish, Jamal and Faris have been remanded at Central Police Division and will be back in court on March 20. If convicted of attempted housebreaking, they can each be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

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