Three men jailed in separate cases of insulting the modesty of a woman

Three men were jailed today for separate charges of insulting the modesty of a woman.
Three men were jailed today for separate charges of insulting the modesty of a woman.Photo: ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - Two men who took upskirt videos of women on MRT escalators and another who filmed a co-tenant showering have been sentenced to jail time.

Malaysian Thuraikumeren Subramaniam, 31, was jailed for eight weeks after admitting to filming a 25-year-old woman in the shower at a flat in Pasir Ris on March 4 this year.

After he showered, Thuraikumeren placed his Samsung Note 4 cellphone behind some toiletries at the back of the shower rack. He then set the phone to video recording mode before leaving the bathroom.

A few minutes later, the woman entered to shower. She was unaware that his cellphone was hidden in the bathroom .

Thuraikumeren later retrieved his cellphone, went back to his room and viewed the recording of the victim showering.

The woman's 22-year-old room-mate reported to the police that evening that Thuraikumeren had peeped at her while she was showering. The 25-year-old victim also made a police report that he had tried to peep at her while she was showering .

Police visited the flat the next day and interviewed Thuraikumeren, His cellphone had a video recording showing the victim showering inside the bathroom.

His lawyer Louis Joseph said that his client, an airport worker who is married with no children, deeply regretted his offence.

In the same court, trainee manager Fabian Lee Yang Minn, 29, was sentenced to five weeks' jail for taking an upskirt video of a 26-year-old bank officer on the escalator at Hougang MRT station on March 7.

He had stood directly behind her and placed his cellphone on recording mode between her legs.

The woman felt uneasy as Lee was standing too close to her. She then turned around and saw the mobile phone directly under her skirt. She detained him and called the police.

Three other similar charges were considered in sentencing.

Lee, who is out on $15,000 bail, will start his sentence on Jan 4.

In yet another case, Turkish assistant project manager Ekame Ferhat, 34, admitted to taking an upskirt video of a 19-year-old woman on the escalator between Raffles Place MRT station and UOB Plaza on June 22.

Ferhat, who was jailed for two weeks, had placed his Samsung cellphone on his knee with the camera facing upwards and pointing in the direction of the victim's skirt.

He was caught doing so by a member of the public who alerted the girl. She checked his phone and found that he had taken an upskirt video of her, which she promptly deleted.

Another charge was taken into consideration.

The maximum penalty for insulting modesty of a woman is one year's jail and a fine.