Teen jailed and fined for unlicensed moneylending harassment

SINGAPORE - An unemployed teenager who came from Malaysia with two others to conduct moneylending harassment on behalf of a loanshark was jailed for 28 weeks and fined $90,000 on Thursday.

Kang Jing Hao, 17, who faced eight charges, pleaded guilty to three charges of acting with Ong Wei Chong, 18, and Chern Choon Heng, 17, a student, to harass debtors on behalf of a loanshark known only as KK in December last year.

The court heard that sometime in November last year, the trio were looking through the Malaysian newspapers for jobs when they came across an advertisement posted by a loan company.

Ong then called to make inquiries and was informed by an unknown subject, known only as KK, that they were hiring workers to go to Singapore to harass debtors on behalf of Malaysian unlicensed moneylenders.

The harassment was in the form of splashing paint on the main door and gate of the debtor's unit, and scribbling debtors' notes on the walls adjacent to the units.

As the trio wanted money, they agreed to work for KK even though they knew that what they were going to do in Singapore was illegal.

All three came to Singapore on Dec 4. They carried out the harassment on behalf of KK at several HDB units in Yishun between Dec 4 and 9.

They were arrested along Yishun Ring Road on Dec 9.

The court heard that the victims whose units were harassed were not the borrowers, whose identities could not be established.

While Ong splashed paint on the doors and gates of the homes and Chern wrote graffiti on the walls, Kang used his cellphone to take photographs of the affected units and writings on the wall.

Ong has earlier been sentenced to 10 months' jail and six strokes of the cane. Chern, who had pleaded guilty to one out of five counts of harassment, will be sentenced on May 21, pending a reformative training report as he was not suitable for probation.

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