Taxman warns over scam e-mail demanding payment of 'overdue' tax bills

The Iras has issued an advisory to members of the public regarding a scam e-mail instructing recipients to pay an outstanding tax invoice. PHOTO: INLAND REVENUE AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) has issued a warning regarding a scam e-mail that tells people to pay an outstanding tax invoice.

The e-mail, titled "Tax Invoice from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)", says the recipient has an outstanding tax bill and instructs them to "arrange payment as soon as possible without any further delays to avoid any legal penalties".

It carries the Iras logo and address and is signed by a Nor Bin Salim, who claims to be a tax officer.

The Iras advised members of the public on Friday (Nov 8) to not respond or download the attachment in the e-mail as it could contain a computer virus.

It added that anyone who had responded and shared their personal or financial information should lodge a police report.

The Iras has issued 10 advisories this year over telephone and e-mail scams.

It had received reports of the people getting phone calls from scammers impersonating tax officials requesting outstanding taxes to be paid.

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