Suspects in Syed Alwi legless corpse case taken to the scene of the crime

SINGAPORE - Both suspects in the Syed Alwi Road murder case - where the victim's legless corpse was stuffed in a suitcase - were taken by the police to the scene of the crime on Thursday.

The police took them first to the hostel in Rowell Road where they had stayed.

One suspect, Rasheed Muhammad, 43, arrived with the police at the hostel in an unmarked white van at 10.15am.

Dressed in a red Polo tee and black shorts, the bearded Pakistani national was silent as five officers took him upstairs to the room that he had allegedly shared with fellow suspect Ramzan Rizwan, 25.

Rasheed Muhammad was taken to Syed Alwi Road at 10.55am.

He spent five minutes at the scene where the luggage with the upper body of the murder victim had been found last Wednesday.

At one point, he used his foot to indicate a spot on the pavement marked by a stain.

The white van spent five minutes at Veerasamy Rd, in front of a hardware shop where a hand saw is believed to have been purchased. Rasheed Muhammad stayed in the van.

Ramzan Rizwan was taken to the hostel at 11.40am. He pointed to a spot near the hostel entrance that Rasheed Muhammad had earlier indicated, and was taken upstairs.

Like Rasheed Muhammad, he was dressed in a red Polo tee and dark blue shorts. He was silent.

At 12.15pm, Ramzan Rizwan was taken to the Malay cemetery at Jalan Kubor. There, he pointed to spots near the cemetery entrance, where investigators placed an arrow and took pictures.

He was taken away from the scene at 12.20pm.

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