Suspect charged over Woodlands childcare centre break-in and theft

A 25-year-old man may face caning if convicted of breaking into childcare centre Just Kids @ Woodlands and stealing $3,340 in cash.

According to court papers, Muhammad Nor Alif Abdul Jimar was convicted of housebreaking with theft in 2010 but his sentence was not stated.

Offenders convicted of housebreaking with theft can be jailed for between two and 14 years. But repeat offenders will be caned, on top of the jail sentence.

Nor is accused of breaking into the childcare centre at about 4.30am on Oct 12. He allegedly lifted the sliding windows before entering the centre located on the ground floor of an HDB block in Woodlands Drive 60.

In a statement on Wednesday, the police said officers from Jurong Police Division managed to establish Nor's identity after a report was made on Oct 12.

He was arrested on Oct 24.

Police advised property owners to ensure all doors and windows are properly secured with good-quality grilles and padlocks.

  • $3,340

  • Amount allegedly stolen in cash

"Keep large sums of cash in banks and expensive jewellery in a safe deposit box. Install a burglar alarm to cover access points in your premises and ensure that they are tested periodically and in good working condition," the statement read.

Nor was offered bail of $20,000 and will be back in court on Nov 16.

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