Supervisor jailed for misappropriating more than $49,000

SINGAPORE - An operations supervisor was given a second chance after his company discovered that he had misappropriated money collected from its foreign workers.

But instead of making amends, Malaysian Chong Chung Yin, now 41, went on to misappropriate more money a few months later.

The Singapore permanent resident was jailed for nine months on Tuesday (Oct 10) after pleading guilty to misappropriating a total of $49,190 between Jan 1 and July 28, 2013.

Chong was then working for cleaning company Avon Services. According to court documents, the firm believed he had misappropriated $26,690 when it found out about his offence in April 2013.

However, the amount misappropriated was actually $28,290, according to court documents.

Chong failed to pay back the amount when Avon Services gave him the chance to do so. Instead, he continued to misappropriate more money three months later.

The court heard that the company provided lodging and transport to its foreign workers.

Chong, who was tasked to manage such employees, collected payment for these services from them.

Instead of handing over the money to the company, he pocketed the cash and used it to fund his gambling habit.

In all, he collected 46 payments from 41 foreign workers, five of whom made two separate payments to him.

When he was first caught in April 2013, Avon Services gave him the chance to repay the money in 13 instalments.

However, Chong did not adhere to the agreement and made only one payment of $1,500 in June 2013.

He misappropriated another $20,900 the following month and the company director made a police report on July 29, 2013.

Chong surrendered to the police and came clean about his offences later that day.

To date, he has made restitution of $3,100 to the firm.

For criminal breach of trust, he could have been jailed for up to 15 years and fined.