Suit on cabby's death: Wife settles for $240k

Hubby died in 2014, a year after car rammed into his parked taxi while he was napping in it

The widow of a cabby who died a year after a car rammed into the back of his parked taxi settled her civil suit yesterday against the driver for $240,000.

The compensation will be paid by the insurers of sales executive Lim Wei Hong, 27, who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car into 56-year-old Mohamed Amin Abdul Manap's taxi in 2013.

Madam Josephine Cerdan Manap, 51, told The Straits Times yesterday that she agreed to the settlement though she was "not 100 per cent happy" with the sum. "It's too emotionally draining for me to keep going through the details of the accident. It's already been two years and I want to move on and be strong for my son," she said.

The accident, which took place at about 4.35am on May 4, 2013, came four months after their daughter died from brain cancer at the age of 14. She now has only one child - her 15-year-old son.

Formerly a housewife, Madam Josephine took up a job as a housekeeper after her husband's accident. She earns about $800 a month.

Represented in court by Mr Michael Han, Madam Josephine said she will be left with $160,000 after deducting the legal fees and fees for documents to administer her husband's estate.

Madam Josephine lost her daughter to brain cancer in January 2013. Four months later, her husband was injured in a road accident. PHOTO: TNP FILE

She said she intends to use $100,000 to pay off the mortgage on her Toa Payoh flat and the rest for her son's education and living expenses.

The teen is repeating Secondary 3 this year as his academic performance had been affected by the trauma of losing half of his family so suddenly, she said.


I just want all of this to end, and think about the future instead.''


On the fateful day, Mr Mohamed Amin was taking a nap in the driver's seat of his taxi, parked in Marine Parade Road, when the cab was rear-ended by Mr Lim's car.

The sales executive had fallen asleep while driving home from supper in Holland Village.

The impact caused the taxi to surge forward and hit another car two parking spaces away.

Mr Mohamed Amin injured his spine in the accident and became paralysed from the neck down.

He was hospitalised for nearly a year before he died of pneumonia at Changi General Hospital on April 18, 2014.

In May last year, Mr Lim was jailed for two months and banned from driving for five years for causing grievous hurt through a rash act.

The following month, he was found 100 per cent responsible for the accident in the civil suit filed by Madam Josephine.

"No amount of money would be enough to compensate for the loss of my husband," she said.

"But I just want all of this to end, and think about the future instead."

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