Sim Lim saga: Iswaran says authorities looking into measures to protect customers better

SINGAPORE - Tougher measures to protect customers are being looked into, revealed Second Minister for Home Affairs S. Iswaran on Saturday in the wake of public anger over Sim Lim Square businessman Jover Chew's mistreatment of his customers. But he also urged people not to harass Mr Chew.

In a Facebook post, Mr Iswaran wrote: "Over the last few days, people have expressed deep concerns over the recent incident at Sim Lim Square. Many feel that the sales tactics of errant retailers are unfair to buyers, and that we must not let such unethical practices tarnish Singapore's hard-earned reputation. I fully agree.

"I am glad that many have spoken up against such bad behaviour. Some have even come forward to crowdsource funds to help the victim. This shows our good side and what we stand for as Singaporeans. Unfortunately, some have gone too far. Police are looking into reports regarding this Sim Lim Square case, and also a related report on harassment. Do exercise restraint and do not take matters into your own hands. Let due process take its course.

"Government is also studying other measures to protect consumers better. This may take some time especially if we need to amend our laws. More immediately, we are working with Case (Consumers Association of Singapore) and other stakeholders to educate consumers on their rights, so that they do not fall prey to such sales tactics, and know where and how to seek recourse when necessary."

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