Repeat molester jailed 10 months for outrage of modesty and misappropriation of property

SINGAPORE - Even though he was convicted of molestation in 2006 and 2015, Phui Jun Ming, 26, was back at it again, this time victimising a polytechnic student he had just befriended.

On Monday (April 23), Phui was sentenced to 10 months and two weeks' jail for outrage of modesty and dishonest misappropriation of property. He had another molestation charge taken into consideration during sentencing.

Phui served nine months in jail following his 2015 conviction, where he also received one stroke of the cane.

On Jan 2, 2018, Phui spotted his latest victim smoking alone at Pangsua Pond, on Saujana Road at about 12.15am. She cannot be named because of a gag order.

He approached the student, who was then 20 years old, and asked if he could borrow a lighter. The two then started chatting. During the conversation, he asked if he could be her boyfriend but she rejected him.

But he still placed his left arm over her shoulder, and touched her cheek twice.

When the frightened victim told Phui she was heading home, he used his right hand to squeeze her right breast over her clothing. She pushed his hand away and walked back towards her block.

Phui went after her and when he caught up, he told her: "I know I grabbed your boob. I was wrong. Are you going to call for police?"

He then walked away. A police report was lodged that same day.

Phui was also convicted on Monday for stealing four pairs of shoes with a 14-year-old accomplice, who was given a conditional warning.

On Aug 2, 2017, the pair took the shoes from various units at Block 520 Jelapang Road before they were stopped by a police officer at the void deck.

They were planning to sell them for money.

Phui's previous offences included property-related ones but court documents did not provide details.

In mitigation, his lawyer said he was a "simple individual" who had tried to make the best of his life.