Recalcitrant offender gets 11 months' jail for offences against policeman, retiree

SINGAPORE - A 60-year-old man who has spent nearly two-thirds of his life behind bars for various offences is back in prison - this time for swinging a wooden pole at a police officer, vandalising a patrol car and punching a retiree.

Haja Maidin Razak Marican was sentenced to 11 months' jail on Friday (Jan 26) after he admitted to three of four offences. These were committed two months after his release in September last year from corrective training for committing an indecent act with a child.

The court heard that on the evening of Nov 8 last year, a supermarket owner in Jurong West Street 81 called the police because Maidin was harassing customers by asking them for money. The police came and advised him not to do so.

After they left, he continued to harass the customers and turned aggressive when they rejected his demands.

The supermarket owner called the police again. Staff Sergeant Mohamad Khairul Aidil Mohd arrived at the scene with his partner and saw Maidin crouching by a wall outside the supermarket.

As he was walking towards Maidin, the latter started swinging a wooden pole in his direction. The officer backed off and ordered him to put the pole down but to no avail.

Maidin then ran towards the patrol car and struck the rear windshield with the pole. Staff Sgt Khairul drew his Taser gun and his partner, a T-baton, but Maidin refused to hand over the pole. He struck the windshield two more times and it shattered.

When he was about to strike the windshield again, Sgt Khairul ran forward and kicked the back of his knee, causing him to fall.

Maidin was arrested after a fierce struggle with the officers.

The damage to the patrol car was $2,084.

The court heard that just two days earlier, Maidin punched 76-year-old Yusof Mahnof on the mouth outside a hair salon at 888 Plaza in Woodlands Drive 50.

Mr Yusof was sitting outside the salon waiting for his turn when Maidin, reeking heavily of alcohol, came and asked incoherent questions which Mr Yusof could not reply.

Maidin got angry and pulled up Mr Yusof before shouting vulgarities at him. Barber Halim Ahmad, 54, intervened but could not calm Maidin down.

Maidin punched Mr Yusof on the mouth, and also punched Mr Halim when he helped Mr Yusof to his feet.

Maidin was pulled aside by passers-by until the police came.

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