Peeping Tom sentenced to 2 weeks' jail and fined $1,000

SINGAPORE - A man trespassed into a female toilet at a nightspot and stood on a toilet bowl cover to peep at a woman in the next cubicle.

Zheng Zhan De, 36, was sentenced to two weeks' jail and fined $1,000 on Thursday (Feb 22) for insulting the modesty of the 23-year-old woman and criminal trespass.

Two other charges of criminal trespass were taken into consideration during his sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Claire Poh said that on July 27 last year, the Singaporean man and his friends were partying at St James Power Station in Sentosa Gateway.

At 5.33am the next day, the woman was walking towards the female toilet when she saw Zheng staring at her. Feeling uncomfortable, she walked briskly into the toilet.

While she was relieving herself inside a cubicle, she noticed – through a gap underneath the cubicle door – a pair of legs in black trousers and leather shoes walking past.

She then heard the cubicle door on the right being shut, followed by the flushing sound of the toilet bowl and the sound of someone stepping onto the closed cover of the toilet bowl, said DPP Poh.

The woman looked up and was shocked to see Zheng peeping at her over the cubicle partition. She screamed and Zheng ran out of the toilet. She later confronted Zheng but he denied his actions and the police were called.

A review of the closed-circuit television recordings showed Zheng lingering outside the female toilet before he was seen following the woman. The footage also showed him running out of the toilet.

The court heard that Zheng had asked a bouncer where the male toilet was. He was walking past the female toilet when he spotted the woman walking into the toilet. He stood outside the female toilet for three minutes before walking in.

Zheng, who will start his sentence on March 8, could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting the modesty of a woman. He could have been jailed for up to three months and/or fined up to $ 1,500 for criminal trespass.