Part-time tutor fined $2,500 after swerving e-scooter into man at community club

SINGAPORE - Unhappy after being told not to ride his e-scooter in the multi-purpose hall of a community club, a part-time tutor used the device along a nearby corridor instead.

Chew Hup Seng, 37, rashly rode his e-scooter into architectural coordinator Pedro JR Garcia Mondejar, 48, when he spotted the Filipino walking towards a nearby lift lobby minutes later.

The court heard that Chew was displeased with Mr Mondejar as the older man had earlier told him not to ride the device in the hall.

Chew was fined $2,500 on Wednesday (Sept 5) after pleading guilty to committing a rash act to endanger Mr Mondejar's personal safety .

Deputy Public Prosecutor Andre Chong told the court that on July 24 last year, Chew took a lift with his e-scooter to the fifth storey of Keat Hong Community Club in Choa Chu Kang Loop at about 10am. After that, he hopped onto the device and rode it around the multi-purpose hall.

Concerned that Chew's actions could damage the hall's timber flooring, Mr Mondejar came out of his office and politely asked the part-time tutor to stop riding there.

Chew verbally abused him before riding off. A few minutes later, Mr Mondejar left his office and walked across the hall to take the lift.

The Singaporean swerved his e-scooter towards the older man as he was entering the lift lobby. Mr Mondejar managed to avoid injury by blocking the device with his palms.

Chew then threatened to knock into the older man with his e-scooter. He also gestured aggressively at the Filipino and followed him around the lift lobby.

Mr Mondejar retreated into the multi-purpose hall and locked the door behind him. Chew left the premises soon after.

During sentencing, District Judge Olivia Low said Chew showed no regard for the safety of Mr Mondejar.

She told Chew not to reoffend as the punishment would be more severe the next time round.