'My husband still stands by me': Cecilia Sue

Ms Cecilia Sue said on Monday that her businessman husband continues to stand by her despite widespread media coverage of her relationship with former anti-narcotics chief Ng Boon Gay.

She also told the court that her husband knew she was friends with Ng and was aware that he had called her, often at night. "He still stands by me and I believe if we can weather this storm, our love will be much stronger as well," the former IT sales manager said.

She had been asked how her husband would respond if she admitted that she had consensual sex with another man.

Ms Sue revealed that her husband had been "angry" at times because he thought the reporting of the case was "too one-sided", and how there had been "negative publicity" in recent days that she said portrayed her as a "slut".

She revealed in court for the first time on Monday that she met her husband, who has yet to show up in court, when she was 19. They married in 1999 and she gave birth in May 2010 to her only child, a daughter.

The former Hitachi Data Systems and Oracle Corporation Singapore employee claims Ng forced her into performing oral sex on him four times last year. This was apparently in exchange for showing favour to her then employers.

Ms Sue told investigators in earlier statements that she and Ng had oral sex on more than 10 occasions between 2009 and last December. Four of those occasions, between last July and December, involve the charges that Ng is accused of.

In court last week, she described the other six occasions at places such as the Senior Police Officers' Mess in Mount Pleasant Road as just "meeting places".