Mum faces charges of murder and ill-treatment of child

SINGAPORE - A woman has been remanded for psychiatric assessment after she was charged with the murder of her four-year-old son early this month.

Noraidah Mohd Yussof, 32, was initially charged on Aug 4 with causing grievous hurt by pushing him to the ground, causing him to suffer brain injury on Aug 1.

After the boy died, her charge was upgraded to one of murder.

The amended charge was read to her along with four charges under the Children and Young Persons Act (CYPA) and another of causing grievous hurt when she appeared in court on Aug 11.

Noraidah, a divorcee, is said to have ill-treated her son by unreasonably causing him unnecessary physical pain at a flat in Eunos.

She allegedly pushed him and caused him to fall on July 31. The day before, she is said to have pushed him on his chest and caused him to fall backwards.

Earlier that day, she allegedly kicked him in the waist and stepped on his stomach.

She is also accused of lifting the child by his neck and dropping him onto the ground in June this year.

Sometime in March 2012, she allegedly caused grievous hurt by twisting and pulling the toddler's left arm and stepping on his body, causing elbow and rib fractures.

She is currently being assessed at Complex Medical Centre in Changi. She will be back in court on Aug 25.

The punishment for murder is death or life imprisonment.

If convicted under the CYPA, she could be fined up to $4,000 and/or jailed for up to four years on each charge. The maximum penalty for causing grievous hurt is 10 years' jail, fine or caning.