Motorcyclist jailed for role in road rage incident

A technician was jailed for three weeks yesterday after being found guilty of fighting with two men in a road rage case.

Malaysian Ruttiran Tamilarasan, 26, was convicted, after a one-day trial, of disturbing the public peace by fighting with Mr Leow Hock Guan and Mr Ng Chee Kiang at the departure lane of Woodlands Checkpoint on Dec 2 last year. The two Singaporeans were each sentenced to one week's jail last month for fighting.

During Wednesday's trial, the court heard that Mr Ng, 42, was driving Mr Leow, 41, towards Johor Baru late that night last year when they were caught in a jam.

Ruttiran's motorcycle cut into Mr Ng's path and Mr Ng honked at him. Ruttiran flashed his middle finger. Soon after, Ruttiran cut into Mr Ng's lane again. Mr Ng honked and Ruttiran responded with the same rude gesture.

When Mr Ng tried to overtake Ruttiran, Ruttiran kicked the car.

The car stopped and Mr Leow got out. Ruttiran pushed the construction supervisor before using his helmet to hit him. Mr Leow tried to block the blow and the helmet hit his head.

Mr Ng, who is self-employed, came out and there was a scuffle before a fight broke out. Ruttiran used his helmet to hit the two men. Mr Leow got hold of the helmet at one point and threw it at Ruttiran.

Motorists stepped in to separate the fighting parties, but Ruttiran persisted in trying to use his helmet to hit the two men. He also used it to hit the car.

Ruttiran said in his defence that he was confused. He claimed that Mr Ng and Mr Leow hit him on the helmet until it flew off.

A video of the incident was played in court. In mitigation, Ruttiran asked for the court's leniency and mercy, saying he is supporting his parents and siblings. He said he was sorry that he could not control his emotions.

District Judge Lee Poh Choo told him that it was an "unacceptable excuse and very lame".

He could have been jailed up to one year and fined up to $5,000.

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