Manager paid teen for sex and stalked her

He gets 22 months' jail but is offered $25,000 bail, pending appeal against the sentence

For more than two years, a business development manager preyed on a teenager in need and lured her with easy money in return for sexual services.

As the girl was only 15, Moh Yan Chung made elaborate arrangements to evade detection by either sneaking her into hotels or to flats when nobody was around.

Once, he invited a friend to join them in a threesome when the friend wanted to view a rental flat in Queensway. She agreed as Moh suggested that she could earn extra money. They each paid her $150 for the encounter.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old was given 22 months' jail after he admitted to five charges of commercial sex with a minor and unlawfully stalking her between 2014 and last May. Seven other charges were taken into consideration. He was offered $25,000 bail, pending his appeal against sentence.

Deputy Public Prosecutor N.K. Anitha said Moh, who was also known as Daniel and Vincent, came across the victim's online advertisement for modelling opportunities and contacted her for a "private session" in December 2011.

He learnt that the teen was providing sexual services to earn money for her personal upkeep.

Moh, a graduate with a master's degree from Ireland, offered her an hourly rate of more than $100, depending on what she could do.

Asked if she was willing to provide sexual services, she told him she would not perform or allow unnatural sex when they first met between Dec 22 and Dec 24 that year.

Despite knowing she was below 18, Moh paid to have sex with her regularly, investigations showed.

He would drive her to multi- storey carparks and perform sexual acts with her in the back seat of his car or at the staircase. After a few months, he took her to different apartments, including his own home in Jurong West, and hotels.

DPP Anitha said Moh paid her between $150 and $350 after each sexual tryst.

Whenever she was involved in a serious relationship and wanted to stop the sexual activities to focus on rebuilding her life, he would not let her by threatening to expose her.

Sometime in December 2013, she told her then boyfriend about her dealings with Moh.

The boyfriend broke up with her and advised her to report the matter to the police.

When she finally decided to stop meeting him, Moh threatened to "bring her along" if she destroyed him.

The victim, who is now 21, made a police report on March 17, 2014.

Moh had also been stalking her by contacting at least five of her friends. He "warned them" of the kind of person she was and told them of her sexual activities.

As a result, she felt harassed, said DPP Anitha.

The DPP had sought a stiff sentence of at least two years' jail to reflect the court's unwavering and strict stance on sexual exploitation of children and young persons.

Moh, who is married with a two-year-old child, could be jailed for up to seven years and/or fined on each charge of paid sex with a person under 18 years old.

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