Man who was high on drugs and slashed acquaintance sentenced to 20 months' jail

Sari Gujang was sentenced to 20 months' jail on Thursday (Dec 10).
Sari Gujang was sentenced to 20 months' jail on Thursday (Dec 10).PHOTO: ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - A 27-year-old man was high on drugs when he slashed an acquaintance whom he attacked in July. He was sentenced to 20 months' jail on Thursday (Dec 10).

Sari Gujang, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty to a charge of causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. He also admitted to a count of consuming a controlled drug illegally.

Two other charges, of causing hurt and causing hurt with a dangerous weapon, were taken into consideration during sentencing.

A district court heard that, in the early hours of July 21 this year, Sari consumed Ice - methamphetamine - in his home.

At about 4 am that day, he met two acquaintances, Muhammad Rizuwan Zakariah, 26, and Zaifudin Zainudin, 20, at the pavilion near Block 537 Bedok North Street 3.

Shortly after, Sari started dredging up past grievances with Zaifudin and threw a punch at his stomach and his face.

He then took out a Swiss Army knife and slashed Zaifudin's right ankle thrice before fleeing on his motorcycle.

Rizuwan and Zaifudin later went to the hawker centre at Block 537 Bedok North Street 3.

As they were chatting there at about 5 am, Sari came up from behind them and shouted at them .

He then reached behind his back, pulled out a serrated knife with a 30cm blade, and hit Rizuwan's left arm with it.

When Sari swung the knife once more, Rizuwan raised both hands to block the blow.

But the knife slashed his left palm; Rizuwan then ran to the nearby market to seek help to bandage his palm, which was bleeding profusely.

Sari then saw two passers-by and told them not to go to the hawker centre, saying he had just slashed someone.

He told them "the hand finished" and showed them the knife with bloodstains on it.

Rizuwan was sent to Changi General Hospital before being transferred to Singapore General Hospital later that day.

The cut had ruptured the flexor muscles on his left index, middle and ring fingers. He also lost sensation on the tip of his thumb and four finger tips.

He underwent surgery to repair tendons, an artery and a nerve. He was hospitalised for five days, and had to undergo hand occupational therapy thereafter. In total, he was given hospitalisation leave of 16 days.

He will not regain full strength and control of his left palm.

At about 7.50 pm on the day of the assault, policemen arrested Sari in his home. He admitted to police that he committed the offence while he was high on drugs .

He also said that he started consuming Ice two years ago, and was abusing the drug twice a week.