Man strikes Amos Yee as teen arrives at court; police investigating

SINGAPORE - Teenager Amos Yee, who landed in trouble for his online rant against Christianity, was accosted and slapped by a man outside the State Courts on Thursday afternoon.

The stranger slapped Yee hard on the left cheek, startling passers-by, before yelling, "Come and sue me!"

The man, who appeared to be in his 30s, was dressed in a red T-shirt and cargo pants. He then turned around and fled.

Yee, 16, appeared shocked at the confrontation. He gripped his face in pain and continued walking into the State Courts building for a pre-trial conference, as seen in an online video posted by AFP journalist Bhavan Jaipragas.

The police have confirmed that a report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Ahead of his pre-trial conference, he posted on his blog and Facebook page, defying bail conditions that bar him from doing so.

On Wednesday, he put up two blog posts titled "The Ridiculous Terms of my Bail" and "My Abusive Father".

In them, he criticised the judiciary for making his bail terms overly onerous, and alleges that he was abused by his father.

He put up the posts on Wednesday and shared them on his Facebook page on Thursday morning.

This is the second time the teen has violated his bail conditions. Previously, he flouted the bail terms by seeking donations for his legal case via social media.

Yee was charged on March 31 with attacking Christianity, transmitting an obscene image and making an online video containing remarks about the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew that offended viewers.

The prosecution has, for now, stood down the charge that Yee made an online video which included offensive remarks about Mr Lee. It will instead proceed with charges of him attacking Christianity and transmitting an obscene image.

On April 22, counsellor Vincent Law came forward to post $20,000 bail for Yee after the teen had spent four nights in remand.

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