Man jailed six months for assaulting police officers a second time

The officers were on routine patrol duties at Kranji MRT station when they approached Jeffridin Ramli to conduct a routine check.
The officers were on routine patrol duties at Kranji MRT station when they approached Jeffridin Ramli to conduct a routine check.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM GOOGLE MAPS

SINGAPORE - Barely two months ago, Jeffridin Ramli was convicted and sentenced to 20 weeks' jail for spitting at a police officer and twisting a senior staff nurse's little finger.

But 11 days after his release, the 49-year-old reoffended.

On Sept 15, he pushed three special constables attached to the Public Transport Security Command (Transcom). The officers were on routine patrol duties at Kranji MRT station at 8.53pm that day.

On Wednesday (Nov 1), Jeffridin was sentenced to six months' jail on three counts of using criminal force to deter a public servant from carrying out his duty.

District Judge Kessler Soh also imposed an additional 35 days in jail for breach of the basic condition of his remission order under the Prisons Act.

Addressing Jeffridin, Judge Soh said: "You really need to manage your anger. You cannot go around assaulting police officers."

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tan Si En said that Sergeants Mohamad Musadhiq Abdul Aziz, 21, Md Riyas Abdul Jaleel, 26, and Corporal Amirul Nashruddin Sulaiman, 22, had noticed Jeffridin behaving suspiciously.

They approached him to conduct a routine check and Jeffridin complied by providing his identity card. But he was fidgeting and speaking in a slurred manner, said DPP Tan.

While the victims were checking his belongings, he became angry. He raised his voice and accused them of using vulgarities on him, which they had not.

The officers asked Jeffridin to proceed to the Transcom staff room for further investigation but he pushed Sgt Riyas on the chest with his hands. When Cpl Amirul intervened, Jeffridin pushed him as well.

Sgt Musadhiq tried to calm him down but Jeffridin refused to listen and continued to raise his voice. He then pushed Sgt Musadhiq on his chest.

DPP Tan, who sought a total sentence of 24 weeks' jail, said Jeffridin has a string of antecedents from 2006 for offences such as causing hurt to public servant, robbery, causing hurt and snatch theft. He also had drug-related convictions from 1986 to 2011.

On Sept 4, he was also sentenced to 16 weeks for an aggravated form of criminal force, by spitting at a police officer while having Hepatitis C.

DPP Tan said that his previous stints in prison had clearly not sufficiently deterred him from re-offending.

"The accused had committed the present three offences within a short span of time, and showed a complete disregard for authority," she said, asking that he be given four weeks more than his previous conviction.

Jeffridin's sentence was backdated to Sept 16.

In another court on Wednesday (Nov 1), Shake Mohammed Abdul Samad Haji Abduraheem, 42, was jailed for four weeks for assaulting police Special Constable Sergeant Muhammad Hasif Muhammad Nasir at the void deck of Block 110 Aljunied Avenue 2 on Oct 1 (2017).

He admitted to raising his leg to kick the 23-year-old officer.

Sgt Hasif and his colleague called for back-up and managed to pin Shake Mohammed who had turned aggressive. He was reeking of alcohol.

The maximum penalty for using criminal force on a public servant is four years' jail and a fine.