Man jailed for breaking nose of acquaintance over staring incident

SINGAPORE - He confronted an acquaintance he believed was drunk, then rained punches on him until his victim passed out.

All because Mustafa Ya'acob, 62, felt the victim had stared at him.

On Friday (Feb 23), Mustafa was jailed for six months and fined $7,966.10 after pleading guilty to one count of assault, and four charges involving contraband cigarettes.

Mustafa had seen Mr Alizah Haron, 48, drinking alcohol alone at a coffeeshop at Block 26 New Upper Changi Road at around 10pm on Dec 14, 2016.

The unemployed man, who was there to buy some dinner, accused Mr Alizah of staring at him as he walked past. He then told the younger man to accompany him to the back lane of the eatery for a "talk".

Mr Alizah did as he was told and apologised when confronted, explaining that he was intoxicated.

But Mustafa was still unhappy and punched Mr Alizah's face multiple times. He only stopped and walked away when the younger man lost consciousness.

Mr Alizah regained consciousness when somebody from the coffee shop splashed water on him. The good Samaritan also accompanied him home and the victim's wife took him later to Changi General Hospital. She also lodged a police report, the court heard.

A medical report dated Dec 29, 2016 stated that Mr Alizah had suffered injuries which included a fractured nasal bone, a cut on his chin and a bruised chest.

Separately, Mustafa also admitted in court that between August 2016 and October last year, he had in his possession and was dealing with more than 1,000 sticks of contraband cigarettes.

The total amount of duty unpaid was $592.48.

For assaulting Mr Alizah, he could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.