Man jailed for 12 weeks and fined $3,500 over offences committed while drunk, including slapping former wife

In sentencing the man, District Judge Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz noted the prolonged abuse and "escalation in offending behaviour".

SINGAPORE - His former wife had a personal protection order, but that did not stop him from slapping her after they met and got into an argument.

The next day, after his shift as an ambulance worker ended, the Singapore man drank 500ml of vodka at a hawker centre and harassed an officer after police were alerted to a scuffle there.

On Thursday (Oct 28), Abu Bakar Abdul Karim, 57, pleaded guilty to eight charges, including for harassment and appearing drunk in a public place.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks' jail and fined $3,500, having also damaged a public bus and climbed onto a police car to take photos, under the influence of alcohol.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Bryont Chin told the court that after drinking at home on April 6 this year while out on bail, Abu called his former wife to meet him at the void deck of her block. Court documents did not say why he was on bail.

She asked her sister to come along as she could sense that he was drunk.

Abu started scolding her for not visiting their son, who does not live with either of them. An argument ensued, during which he slapped her, contravening the protection order.

The sister called the police.

The next day, after finishing work at 6pm, Abu drank vodka at Circuit Road Hawker Centre. Later that evening, he approached a patron there and started mumbling incoherently.

A physical scuffle ensued, during which he pushed the victim on the chest, causing his spectacles to fall off. The police were called, and when officers arrived and arrested Abu, he spewed vulgarities at one of them.

Abu faced other charges for offences made against the police.

Having already drank two bottles of whiskey on May 5 last year, he went to a supermarket and consumed another bottle belonging to the outlet. When police were called, he abused an officer with vulgarities.

On Aug 9 last year, while again drunk, he climbed onto a police car, lay down on the roof and took photographs of himself.

He also faced one charge for making telephone calls to emergency numbers with intent to annoy, when he called "999" on June 11 this year and used vulgarities against the operator.

His latest offence occurred on Sept 27 this year. After drinking with friends, Abu sat in the middle of Ubi View. He walked to a car, whose driver was inside, and knocked on its window multiple times.

He then stood in front of a public bus, preventing it from moving off. He hit the front windscreen with his fists multiple times and used his hands to bend the right windscreen wiper.

The damage amounted to $671 in repairs.

The prosecution asked for a sentence of nine to 15 weeks' imprisonment and a fine of $3,200 to $4,800, citing Abu's pattern of getting drunk and causing trouble to the public and police officers.

Abu, who was unrepresented and appeared in court via video link, asked for a lower sentence, saying that he intends to turn over a new leaf and has children and grandchildren.

He added that he wished to return to the medical line to help people.

District Judge Christopher Goh backdated the sentence to Oct 7, when Abu was remanded in custody.

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