Man jailed five weeks for punching cabby

A bank employee was jailed for five weeks on Friday for punching a taxi driver on his head and shoulder.

Ng Lek Wee, 26, admitted to causing hurt to TransCab driver Chia Hong Kian, 62, inside the vehicle along Tampines Street 43, at about 4am on Jan 18 this year.

The court heard that Mr Chia picked Ng up at New Bridge Road at about 3.35am and was told to drive to Tampines Street 43.

Ng appeared drunk and slept during the journey.

About half an hour later, Mr Chia woke him up to find out the exact drop-off point.

Ng became angry and hurled vulgarities at the cabby, asking why he could not stay in the cab longer.

He then punched the victim on his eye, head and shoulder several times. When Ng heard that the fare was about $25, he punched the victim on his head again.

He left the cab without paying, and shortly afterwards, realised that he had left his mobile phone in the cab.

He called his phone but no one answered. He immediately called the phone company to suspend the line.

Mr Chia who suffered minor injuries, was unable to work for three days after the assault.

Pleading for leniency, Ng said this was his first offence.

He said he was not in the right state of mind as he was drunk at the time.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.