Man jailed 15 months for threatening to burn house down and cutting hose of LPG cylinder

Khairudin Mohamed, 39, had threatened to burn down his Tampines home in the incident on Jan 27. PHOTO: ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - An unemployed man threatened to burn his house down and proceeded to cut the hose of the LPG gas cylinder in the kitchen, a community court heard.

For the two offences, Khairudin Mohamed, 39, was jailed for 15 months on Tuesday (Sept 12).

He had pleaded guilty to committing a rash act as to endanger the personal safety of others and criminal intimidation at their home in Tampines Avenue 4 on Jan 27.

The court heard that the victim, Madam Safiah Che'mat Aliman, 67, was at the flat at about 10am that day when her son, Khairudin, returned home and asked her for money. She gave him $40 but he became angry and demanded more. Madam Safiah said she did not have more and he left the flat.

At about 1pm, Madam Safiah received a phone call from her son's girlfriend. The girlfriend hung up when she heard that Khairudin was not at home.

When Khairudin returned home at about 2pm, Madam Safiah told him that his girlfriend had called. On hearing this, he became angry and flared up at her.

He threatened to burn the house down. He went to the kitchen and cut the hose of the LPG gas cylinder which supplied gas to the kitchen stove.

He then carried the gas cylinder, with the hose cut, and said to his mother in Malay: "You thought I was just joking. This time, it's for real."

Khairudin said these words with intent to cause alarm to Madam Safiah, who became fearful. He then entered his bedroom with the gas cylinder while Madam Safiah called the police before leaving the flat.

Police arrested Khairudin. Further investigations also showed that Madam Safiah had a personal protection order against Khairudin, restraining him from using family violence against her. The order was issued on April 25, 2007.

Three other charges were taken into consideration in sentencing.

Khairudin's lawyer Low Jianhui said his client had a history of depression. He had been diagnosed with depression and anti-social personality disorder some 10 years back.

Khairudin, he said, was the primary caregiver for his mother, who had a stroke in April but is now stable. She is currently being looked after by his uncle.

Khairudin, who had been convicted twice for criminal intimidation in 2005 and 2007, could have been jailed for up to six months and/or fined up to $2,500 for the rash act.

For criminal intimidation, he could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined.

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