Man jailed 12 months for slashing brother on his face

Jasman Sertrosentorno was jailed for 12 months for slashing his older brother on the face with a knife.
Jasman Sertrosentorno was jailed for 12 months for slashing his older brother on the face with a knife. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A man who used a knife to slash his elder brother on his face, causing a 10cm-long wound, was jailed for 12 months on Tuesday (Oct 18) for causing grievous hurt.

Jasman Sertrosentorno, 44, now a warehouse assistant, pleaded guilty to causing permanent disfiguration of his 50-year-old brother Sahad's face at a coffee shop at Clementi Avenue 5 on May 2.

Investigations showed that earlier that day before 5am, Mr Sahad met his girlfriend, Ms Norliza Abdul Amit, 46, at the coffeshop at Block 345 Clementi Avenue 5 for a drink.

Around this time, Jasman called Ms Norliza and told her not to meet his brother. He and his family members were unhappy over the victim's relationship with Ms Norliza, as she was a married woman.

Ms Norliza told Mr Sahad about this and he called Jasman, telling him not to interfere. Mr Sahad also informed his brother where he was.

Accompanied by his stepbrother and two other female family members, Jasman went to the coffeeshop at about 5am to confront his brother. He had brought along a knife and hid it in his pants.

Jasman approached his brother and Ms Norliza at the table and expressed his unhappiness that he had gone to meet Ms Norliza instead of taking care of their stepbrother's daughter. A dispute broke out.

Jasman took out the knife and swung it at his brother, who picked up a chair and swung it at Jasman while moving backwards.

In the midst of it, Jasman slashed his brother on the left side of his face. He was also hit on the upper lip by the chair.

The police were then called. Jasman and the other family members left while Ms Norliza took the victim to a hospital in a taxi.

Among Mr Sahad's injuries was a slash wound on the left side of his face, measuring about 15cm.

Jasman was arrested on May 9.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Gail Wong, who asked for a sentence in excess of 12 months, said the offence occurred in a public place in the early hours of the morning. She said Jasman came armed with a knife, indicating some element of pre-meditation.

He also attacked a family member, so there was an abuse of trust, she said.

DPP Wong also said that Jasman swung the knife at the victim several times and advanced towards him.

"It is wholly disproportionate to any dispute that they had," she said.

Jasman's lawyer Tan Jeh Yaw said in mitigation that his client, a divorcee, was extremely remorseful over the unfortunate incident.

The two brothers met after the incident on May 12 and they embraced each other, overwhelmed by the brotherly love each has for the other. The brother has forgiven his client, and the incident has brought them even closer than before.

The maximum punishment for causing grievous hurt is 10 years' jail, a fine or caning.