Man jailed 12 months for receiving stolen gym equipment

A former AIBI International salesman who received stolen gym equipment from three men was sentenced to 12 months' jail yesterday.

In all, Ermin Woon Zhiming received stolen AIBI gym equipment worth $37,866 from Suhaime Jamin, 49, a former AIBI technician; Iskandar Kamsan, 30, a former driver; and Suhaime's nephew, former AIBI technician Muhammad Sairilpaezel Mohd Pungot, 30.

After receiving the stolen property, Woon would post the gym equipment for sale on Carousell and Facebook at 50 per cent to 60 per cent off their market prices.

The 34-year-old, who ran his own business, Home Fitness, which sells used gym equipment, pleaded guilty last month to five of 13 charges of dishonestly receiving stolen property in 2015.

All three co-accused have been given between two weeks and 12 months' jail for their roles in the crime.

The court heard that Woon contacted Sairilpaezel in the middle of 2015 and asked if he had "anything" for him - referring to AIBI machines. About three months later, Sairilpaezel and his uncle, Suhaime, who both then worked at AIBI, would look out for machines at the AIBI warehouse in Yishun Industrial Park A to sell to Woon.

The duo would take the equipment and hide them behind a shutter on the first floor of the warehouse. When Suhaime finished work, he and his nephew would load the equipment onto a company lorry and drive to Old Choa Chu Kang Road to deliver them to Woon.

Sairilpaezel subsequently got Iskandar involved after his uncle no longer worked in the company.

Woon would pay $100 to $340 for each piece of equipment delivered to him. Police recovered 11 items worth $17,703.

His lawyer Anil Singh said in mitigation that Woon was a charitable person and gave half of his net profits to halfway house Teen Challenge, where he had resided for two years. Woon was also a volunteer with Club Rainbow.

He had previous convictions for theft and cheating.

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