Man charged with criminal intimidation of Gardens by the Bay CEO

SINGAPORE - A man was charged in a district court on Tuesday with threatening to injure the reputation of the chief executive officer of Gardens by the Bay.

Kevin Tay Lai Huat, 39, is said to have committed criminal intimidation by threatening to hurt Dr Tan Wee Kiat's reputation from a flat in Teban Gardens on May 13 last year.

In an email to Dr Tan, Tay stated: "If you do not want to be embarrassed, I am open to a win-win solution for everyone with a private settlement. Ignoring this email would eventually lead to your public fall from grace, and your career and all those years of hard work are going to be undone in one mistake of yours".

He allegedly did this with intent to cause Dr Tan to come to a "private settlement" in monetary terms, in relation to the dispute over the domain name

Tay, who was not represented, said he wanted to seek legal advice.

His $5,000 bail has been extended.

If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to two years and/or a fine.

He will appear in court again on Jan 27.