Man admits to threatening to kill mother

SINGAPORE - A man threatened to kill his mother after learning that she had applied for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him.

By doing so, he had defied an Expedited Order (EO) issued two days earlier on Dec 4, 2017.

Mohamed Neezar Mohamed Nawawi, 40, pleaded guilty on Friday (April 20) to one count of criminal intimidation by threatening Madam Rokiah Ahmad, 71.

The incident happened when Neezar learnt about the PPO after receiving a letter from the court. While waiting for his mother to return home later that day, he had three cans of beer.

Neezar, Madam Rokiah's youngest son, was then living with her.

When she arrived after midnight on Dec 6, he confronted her in the kitchen and demanded to know why she had applied for a PPO against him.

She said it was for his own safety. Court documents did not explain how it relates to his welfare.

But he was not happy. Raising his voice, Neezar said to her in Malay: "I will take knife and kill you."

He also hurled vulgarities at his parents, and told his father to divorce his wife.

They went into their room and called the police, who heard a commotion in the background during the call.

Neezar, who represented himself, said in mitigation: "I did not actually have any intention to carry out my threats. I said this in a moment of rage."

He also said he was "not a bad person".

But District Judge May Mesenas said: "You say you're not a bad person, but you don't treat your family very nicely, do you?"

Neezar's case has been adjourned to a later date. He faces a jail term of up to two years, a fine, or both.