Man, 71, jailed 10 months for molesting intellectually disabled teen in lift

SINGAPORE - A retiree who molested an intellectually disabled teenager in a lift at a community centre was jailed for 10 months on Thursday.

Pang Ah Nyau, alias Pang Lian Swan, 71, pleaded guilty to touching the 17-year-old's face, kissing her lips, fondling her breasts, slipping his hand into her underwear and rubbing her at Pasir Ris Community Centre at about 3.30pm on June 5 last year.

The court heard that the victim and her mother were at the community centre for a karaoke session when Pang saw them.

When the victim left the karaoke room, he followed her with the intention to molest her.

He followed her into the lift. When she got out on the third floor to go to the washroom, he waited for her.

She then went into the lift again. Pang followed her and molested her as the lift was going up.

When the lift reached the sixth floor, he pressed the second-floor button and molested her again. Though she felt outraged by his acts, she remained silent out of fear.

Initially she did not tell her mother what happened out of fear, but did so later that day, said Assistant Public Prosecutor Prakash Otharam. A police report was made.

The victim was examined by a doctor who found her to have a history of late speech development and poor eye contact. When she was younger, she was diagnosed with autism and mild intellectual disabilty.

His lawyer Balvir Singh Gill said in mitigation that his client, a father of two, was deeply remorseful for his foolish act. He said Pang has brought hurt and shame to his family; has sleepless nights; and wishes to sincerely apologise to the victim and her family for the distress he has caused them.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for outrage of modesty.