Ler Teck Siang drug trial: Drug abuser hired Ler to inject drugs up his veins before sex parties

Ler Teck Siang told Central Narcotics Bureau officers he had used the syringe to "inject insulin" into his patients, and also to flush food out of his teeth, witnesses previously testified.
Ler Teck Siang told Central Narcotics Bureau officers he had used the syringe to "inject insulin" into his patients, and also to flush food out of his teeth, witnesses previously testified.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE -Before engaging in group sex with other men, a former drug abuser would often hire Singaporean doctor Ler Teck Siang, the man at the centre of the HIV registry data leak, to inject drugs into him and occasionally his "sex buddies", a district court heard on Wednesday (July 10).

Tutor Sim Eng Chee testified that he hired Ler to provide "outcall" services for him and his sex partners for more than six months before both of them were arrested on March 2 last year.

Ler is on trial for allegedly abetting Sim in consuming methamphetamine on Feb 26 last year, and for possessing drug-related utensils on March 2.

Speaking on the third day of Ler's trial, Sim said he would even engage Ler twice in a day for "slamming" , the street slang for the administering of illegal drugs by injection.

He added that he first heard of Ler, whom he knew as Todd, through his "sex buddies" and it was some time in the second half of 2017.

He was referred to Ler's Grindr page, an app for gay people to meet each other, and he contacted Ler soon after to ask if he provided "slamming" services.

Sim told the court he preferred having someone do it for him as it was "less stressful".

Soon after, he began engaging Ler - who went by the moniker Altitude - to inject methamphetamine, which he described as a stimulant that left him sexually aroused.


Ler was professional in administering the drugs as he rarely felt any discomfort, Sim said.

"Even after he missed (a vein), he can give me a solid explanation of why he wasn't able to perform up to expectation," he added.

A session typically cost $40, and Sim would also reimburse Ler for his transport cost, he said.

Occasionally, Ler asked him for a substance called "G water", which Sim said would "lift the high" of other drugs like Ecstasy.

He provided bottles of it to Ler, in lieu of payment for his services.

On Feb 26 last year, he engaged Ler again for a "slamming" session at Swissotel The Stamford, where he had booked a room for a romp with two men.

Ler left after administering the drug, he said.

Five days later, on March 2, Sim had another sex session, this time at the Conrad Centennial hotel where he had stayed for a night. He went out to buy drugs in Geylang, and had "lined up sexual partners" by contacting partners on Grindr and his contact list.

Again, he contacted Ler for his "slamming services".

But both were arrested in the hotel lobby instead.

"I was feeling doomed, because I had just bought a large amount of drugs and was carrying the drugs with me... the arrest was very real to me," said Sim, who was jailed on Sept 24 last year for his drug offences.

He is now serving the rest of his sentence in a halfway house.

Meanwhile, Ler is serving a two-year jail sentence for cheating-related offences that he committed while helping his American partner Mikhy Farrera-Brochez, who is HIV-positive, to deceive the authorities into letting him work here.

Ler also faces a charge under the Official Secrets Act relating to the HIV data registry leak, and another charge of failing to provide a urine sample to Central Narcotics Bureau officers.

Both these charges have been stood down for now.

The trial continues on Thursday.