Japanese woman jailed for assaulting police officers

A drunk Japanese woman, who was creating a ruckus in a condominium lift lobby on Feb 16, bit the hand of a policewoman trying to restrain her.

While out on bail on April 7, Eri Tanaka, 33, was again drunk and created a scene in the lobby of the St Regis Singapore hotel by scattering her personal belongings onto the floor.

When a policeman arrived, she pushed him several times before kicking his left knee.

Tanaka, who claims to be a performing artist in a local Japanese lounge, was jailed for 36 weeks yesterday after pleading guilty to two counts of causing hurt to police officers and one count of using criminal force on a policeman.

Tanaka had gone to the Lucida condominium in Suffolk Road, near Thomson Road, at around 5.15am on Feb 16 and tried to take the lift upstairs. However, she could not do so as she was not a resident and did not have an access card.

She refused to budge and sat on the floor of the lift lobby when a security officer asked her to leave.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sarah Shi told the court that Tanaka claimed she had gone to the condominium to look for her boyfriend who was a resident. Tanaka suspected her boyfriend was having affairs with other women.

Sergeant Rafiahtoladawiah Yusoff, 29, arrived on the scene with her colleagues and they decided to arrest Tanaka after she refused to calm down.

She bit the policewoman's left hand while the officer was trying to handcuff her.

In the other incident in April, a drunk Tanaka, who was not a guest of St Regis Singapore, created a ruckus in the hotel lobby while claiming that she had lost her mobile phone.

Arriving on the scene with a partner, Station Inspector Hui Kok Keong, 40, tried to calm her down but she started shouting and pushed him on the chest three times before kicking him.

The officers arrested her but she struggled violently while being escorted to a nearby police car.

Tanaka, who was unrepresented, bowed deeply before District Judge Kan Shuk Weng as she stood in the dock yesterday.

She told the court that she regretted her actions.

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