Jail, caning for sex assault on male student

Man had pretended to be a woman on dating app and lured victim to his home for sex

Pretending to be a woman named "Oohlala", a customer service officer lured a 24-year-old student, whom he befriended through a social networking and dating app, to his home for sex.

The victim, who suffers from a muscle disorder and walks with a limp, had initially rejected Adin Lim Zhixiang's request for sex.

But Lim, now 29, offered to pay the victim's taxi ride to his home and assured him the sex would be free. The victim agreed and they met on the same day at Lim's home, where Lim admitted he had posed as a woman. Despite the victim's objection, Lim performed oral sex on him.

Yesterday, Lim was sentenced to six years and nine months' jail and four strokes of the cane after he admitted to sexual assault by penetration and three drug-related charges.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sruthi Boppana said the victim got a message on the Skout app on July 17, 2015, from a person with the profile name "Oohlala", asking to befriend him. Lim had pretended to be a 23-year-old woman, using a female friend's photo as the profile picture, to befriend heterosexual men.

Lim asked the victim if he wanted to have sex, offering to pay his taxi fare and assuring him that he need not pay for sex. The victim agreed.

When he got to Lim's flat that day, Lim pretended to be "Oohlala's" brother, saying his "sister" was having a shower. He told the victim to watch pornography in the bedroom.

While in the room, the victim received a message from "Oohlala", asking him to strip naked. He did so and lay on the bed, covering himself with a blanket.

Soon after, Lim came into the room and said he was "Oohlala". Despite the victim telling him he was not interested in men, Lim placed his arms on the victim's groin and began pressing it down.

The victim tried to free himself and protested, but Lim ignored his pleas and performed oral sex on him. When Lim stopped after about 20 minutes, the victim got dressed and left after asking Lim for taxi fare.

He made a police report that day, stating that Lim had "raped" him.

Investigation also showed that Lim had last taken methamphetamine, or Ice, on Feb 28 this year. He said he would consume Ice about three times a week and had been doing so for nine months before his arrest.

Arguing for at least seven years and four strokes of the cane on the sexual penetration charge, DPP Sruthi said Lim executed the offence in a methodological manner.

She said he had a similar conviction in 2013, when he was jailed for 15 months for sexual penetration of a minor below 16.

Lim could have been jailed for up to 20 years and liable to a fine or caning for sexual assault by penetration.

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