Jail, caning for man who slashed two men near Changi Village Hawker Centre

The man was arrested in January 2018 after causing a ruckus at Changi Village Hawker Centre.
The man was arrested in January 2018 after causing a ruckus at Changi Village Hawker Centre.PHOTOS: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

SINGAPORE - Unhappy with a diner who confronted him for causing a ruckus near Changi Village Hawker Centre, a drunk man slashed his victim's right thigh with the blade of a nail clipper, causing a wound that needed 11 stitches.

Amos Zechariah also slashed a second man's right forearm - damaging an artery.

On Monday (June 4), the 38-year-old man was jailed for 27 months and six weeks and given 12 strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to two counts each of causing hurt with a weapon and performing a rash act.

One count each of being a public nuisance, being in possession of a weapon and using criminal force on a third man were considered during sentencing.

The court heard that Amos had downed at least two bottles of rice wine and was drunk when he started loitering around Changi Village at about 7.20pm on Jan 13.

Mr Muhammad Fadhli Zulkepli, 29, and Mr Mohammad Ridzuan Zainal Abidin, 30, were at the nearby hawker centre when they saw him shouting and scolding passers-by.

In January, The Straits Times, quoting an eyewitness, reported that Amos was seen throwing plates at children, spitting onto the ground and stealing food from patrons.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Kong Kuek Foo said: "As the accused was near Fadhli's children, Fadhli approached the accused, and asked him not to create trouble, and to leave the food centre. Consequently, the accused felt unhappy with Fadhli."

The two friends were leaving the eatery about 20 minutes later when Amos confronted them with the 5cm-long blade.

He slashed Mr Fadhli's right thigh before attacking Mr Ridzuan, wounding his right forearm.

Despite their injuries, the men and several passers-by managed to pin Amos to the ground. The police were alerted and he was arrested at around 8.30pm.

ST had earlier reported that blood was seen splattered on the floor at the popular dining spot after the incident.

A 63-year-old stallholder, who wanted to be known as Mr Koh, said: "I saw that (the victims) were bleeding so much and that there was blood all over the floor, so I took some ice and cloth from my drink stall to help stop the bleeding."

The two friends went to Changi General Hospital and a medical report stated that Mr Ridzuan's wound needed radial artery repair. He was discharged on Jan 15.

Mr Fadhli suffered injuries including a wound on his thigh that was about 7cm long. It needed 11 stitches, the court heard.

Besides this incident, Amos created a ruckus at a coffee shop in Kaki Bukit Road at around 2.30pm on Nov 22 last year.

He was asking for money from diners at the eatery and flew into a rage after a chef asked him to stop scaring customers away.

Unhappy, Amos smashed a beer mug against a table. He then picked up a second mug and flung it towards the middle of the coffee shop, causing glass fragments to fly in all directions when it shattered.

He could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned on each count of causing hurt with a weapon.