Jail, caning for man who attacked teen, swung sword at cop

Less than 18 months after his release from reformative training for robbery, a 20-year-old recalcitrant offender committed a series of offences.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sarah Ong said Shukry Rezza Arman had not learnt from his previous stint at the Reformative Training Centre.

She sought a total sentence of 39 months to be meted out for the six of 17 charges he had pleaded guilty to this time.

District Judge Eddy Tham, who sentenced the former delivery attendant to three years' jail and eight strokes of the cane, said he hoped that Shukry would lead a "meaningful and purposeful life" for his own good, and for the good of society, upon his release.

DPP Ong said Shukry and his friends, including brothers Muhammad Aidil Rusnin, 29, and Muhammad Saiful Al Dinie, 21, were near Boat Quay at about 6am on Nov 20 last year when they heard someone from Muhammad Lukman Al-Hakim's group making "chut chut" (sucking) sounds behind them.

Lukman, 18, his girlfriend and two others were sitting at the concrete barriers between UOB Plaza 1 and the entrance of Boat Quay at Raffles Place.

Offended, Saiful, a waiter, confronted Lukman's group. Lukman explained that he was merely calling out to a bird, but that did not satisfy Saiful, who punched the victim a few times in the face.

Shukry and Aidil, a nightclub bouncer, then threw punches at the teen's head and face. When Lukman fell, they kicked him in the head and body, and continued to assault him.

Before the group left, Lukman had to kneel to apologise.

He was given 10 days' medical leave for multiple skull and bone fractures, among other injuries.

In another instance, Shukry fled on seeing police officers approaching him and his girlfriend at the void deck of Block 17, Ghim Moh Road, on Feb 23 this year. He was holding a black long stick, which was actually a katana sword with a 70cm-long blade.

Twice, he unsheathed the weapon and swung it at Staff Sergeant Heifi Ab Rahman while saying "lai la, lai la" ("come here, come here" in Hokkien).

After backup arrived, Shukry was arrested for various offences, including drug possession and consumption, and unlawfully having a black karambit knife, a silver knuckleduster and a black extendable baton.

The cases against Saiful and Aidil are pending.

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