Jail, caning for duo who fatally attacked Frenchman outside Orchard Towers

SINGAPORE - Two Singaporeans who fatally attacked a French national outside Orchard Towers last year were sentenced to jail and caning on Thursday (Oct 19).

Radin Abdullah Syaafii Radin Badruddin, who is self-employed, will spend five years behind bars, with six strokes of the cane, for assaulting Mr Navarro Dorian Regis, 34, at around 6am on April 1 last year.

Quality check inspector Muhammad Daniel Abdul Jalil received a higher sentence and was jailed for five years and three months, with six strokes of the cane, as he had also assaulted Mr Regis' friend, Mr Pierre-Eric Jules Jean Goudal, 29.

The two 24-year-old men had earlier been accused of murdering Mr Regis but they pleaded guilty on Oct 4 to a reduced charge of causing grievous hurt to him.

The altercation stemmed from what Radin had considered an act of mockery by Mr Regis.

Daniel and Radin were part of a group of five friends clubbing in Orchard Towers that night.

Daniel and one other member of his group got into an argument outside the building. In the shoving match that ensued, Daniel's hat was knocked off his head and it landed near where Mr Regis was standing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Quek Jing Feng said: "Radin went towards the hat and intended to pick it up. However, before Radin could reach the hat, the victim picked it up and threw it back towards Daniel's group.

"The victim's act angered Radin, who felt that the victim was mocking them. Radin went forward to confront the victim and his friends."

Mr Goudal apologised to Radin, but the Singaporean, who was still unhappy, insisted that Mr Regis do likewise.

The court heard that Daniel then ran past Radin, who was still talking to Mr Goudal, and punched Mr Regis' head from behind.

He then delivered a flying kick to his victim's stomach area before punching the latter's head again.

Radin joined in the attack when Mr Regis fell in the two-lane Claymore Road.

DPP Quek said the pair kicked their victim's body and face while he was lying on the road.

Mr Goudal went forward to help Mr Regis but ended up with a fractured nasal bone when Daniel punched his face.

The five Singaporeans soon fled the scene and a passer-by alerted the police.

Mr Regis' general condition was stable at first when he arrived at the Singapore General Hospital at around 7.30am that day.

But his condition deteriorated and he lost consciousness about three hours later.

He was sent for an urgent CT scan and was found to be suffering from injuries including bleeding in his brain. He died on May 16 last year of a traumatic head injury, with pneumonia as a contributory cause.

According to a forensic pathologist's report, the head injury by itself was enough to cause death.

Offenders convicted of causing grievous hurt can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined or caned for each charge.

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