Jail, ban for driver who hit bicycle and injured trio

As she approached a zebra crossing, Grab driver Ho Bee Kiat did not stop and ended up ploughing into a woman on a power-assisted bicycle and the two children riding pillion with her.

A three-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy, along with the 23-year-old rider, were thrown off the bicycle as a result of the collision. But their woes did not end there.

Ho's car continued moving after impact, rolling over the boy before it finally came to a stop. Ho then rushed out to help the victims, who were all badly injured.

Ho was on Wednesday sentenced to one week's jail and disqualified from driving for two years for causing grievous hurt by negligent driving.

The court heard that the accident happened at about 10pm on Dec 15 last year as the 42-year-old was driving her car towards the slip road of Jalan Eunos into the Pan-Island Expressway.

Even though there was a designated zebra crossing, Ho did not slow down and keep a proper lookout. She also did not stop at the stop line of the crossing. As a result, her car collided into the left of the power-assisted bicycle ridden by Ms Maria-Ulfah Jamil.

Ms Maria-Ulfah was later determined to have suffered extensive abrasions and fractures, including on her ribs and pelvis.

The young boy suffered a left leg fracture, and the girl had abrasions. The relationship between the woman and the two children was not mentioned in the court documents.

For causing grievous hurt by a negligent act, Ho could have been jailed for up to two years and fined $5,000.

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