Geylang alley clash 'led to deadly brawl'

Peddler of illicit substances charged over 2011 attack that left one man dead and another injured

A peddler who sold cough syrup and sleeping pills in a Geylang alleyway was charged in court yesterday with killing a man and hurting his younger brother in a fight.

Melvin Chan Guo Bao, 33, is charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder for allegedly hitting chauffeur Yong Sian Moo, 51, repeatedly on the head with a wooden pole, and hurting Mr Yong's brother, hairstylist Calvin Yong Sian Teck, 47, by hitting his leg repeatedly with the pole.

The incident took place at about 11.30pm on Aug 5, 2011, in a back alley between Lorongs 11 and 13.

Setting out its case yesterday, the prosecution said Chan and another man - Dominic Ang Soo Kwai - were selling illicit substances in the alley at about 11pm near the back door of a porridge shop.

When the younger Mr Yong and a friend stepped into the alley from the shop to relieve themselves, vulgarities were hurled at them.

Back in the shop, the younger Mr Yong told his brother, who was with two friends, about the incident and the group of five, who had been drinking alcohol, proceeded towards the alley.

By this time, Chan's boss Peter Poh Hong Leong and his girlfriend had arrived at the alley. A fight broke out between the two groups - the Yong brothers and their three friends against Chan, Ang and Poh.

The girlfriend ran to get Poh's father, Poh Chuan Seng, who followed her to the alley. Two of his friends, Wang Siew Loong and Lim Kok Tiong, joined him. The fight allegedly ended with Chan's group of seven leaving the brothers on the ground. The elder Mr Yong died in hospital at about 1.30am on Aug 6.

On the same day, Chan, Ang, the two Pohs and Wang left Singapore. Chan was arrested when he returned in July 2013. Ang and Wang are still at large, while the others are under investigation.

Chan is being defended by Mr Low Cheong Yeow. If convicted, he faces a life term or up to 20 years' jail, with caning or a fine, for culpable homicide.

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