Former security supervisor jailed 28 days for misappropriating LV wallet

SINGAPORE - Instead of storing a Louis Vuitton wallet stuffed with cash that a member of the public had found, a security supervisor took it home with him.

On Wednesday (Nov 15), Raini Rahim, 57, was jailed for 28 days after he admitted to misappropriating the wallet containing S$900 and US$2 (S$2.70) at the Fire Command Centre at South Beach Tower on May 9, 2017.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tow Chew Chi said Raini had 12 security officers under his charge working the night shift from 8pm to 8am at the building along Beach Road.

At South Beach Tower, security staff are supposed to follow procedure and get members of the public who find items to fill up a lost and found property report. The item is then supposed to be stored in a secured cabinet.

If the items are not claimed within a fortnight, the security supervisor is supposed to hand over the items to the police.

On May 8 at about 9.05pm, someone surrendered a blue wallet containing the cash to a security staff at the customer concierge counter.

Raini, who was at the building's Fire Command Centre, was asked to go to the counter to document the surrender of the wallet.

After completing the report, he placed the wallet, cash and a copy of the report in a plastic bag, and locked them up in his locker drawer.

But the next morning, after his night shift, he took the wallet home. He later claimed to have spent part of the money on his daily expenses, and said he loaned some to his friends.

Raini said he threw away the wallet and the other contents. He has made restitution by handing $903 to the police.

Raini has previous convictions for burglary, causing grievous hurt, forgery and misappropriation of property.

He could have been jailed for up to seven years and/or fined for criminal breach of trust.