Former police officer in coma after motorbike accident in Bali

SINGAPORE - A former police officer is in a coma after sustaining injuries in a motorbike accident in Bali, Indonesia, over the Easter weekend.

Mr Mirkhan Ariffin, 43, a Singaporean, was in Bali on holiday with his wife, Ms Nadine Sulastri, 43, when the accident happened last Sunday afternoon (April 1).

Both flew off the motorbike when he lost control of it. Villagers there said he had jammed the brakes of the bike, upon hitting a dog on a mountainous road.

The accident left Mr Mirkhan with a fractured neck and right collar bone as well as four broken ribs. Following surgery at Sanglah General hospital, he slipped into a coma.

His family is now appealing for donations on crowdfunding website to pay for treatment and air-lift him back to Singapore when he is stable enough to be taken off life support.

"The doctor said he has a 50/50 chance of being declared brain dead if he is not treated or if his condition doesn't improve. We are hoping to fly him back to Singapore when he is ready to be taken off life support but we don't have the money to cover the costs," said his daughter, Ms Sorfinah Mirkhan, 19, who is currently a student in Australia.

Mr Mirkhan has three daughters, all of whom reside in Australia and have flown into Indonesia to be with their father. His wife escaped with minor skin injuries.

The hospital bills so far have amounted to $10,000. It is estimated to cost $40,000 for the family to fly him back to Singapore by air ambulance, said Ms Sorfinah. So far, about $50,000 has been raised online.

The family hopes to raise $100,000 for Mr Mirkhan's hospital stay and medical expenses. So far, the family has been depending on savings as well as donations from fellow police officers, family and friends to pay for the hospital bills.

Said Ms Sorfinah: "We hope people back home can donate and help us save a good man."