Fitness trainer fined $10k for giving false info on cop twice

SINGAPORE - A fitness trainer decided to take revenge on a police corporal who had avoided him by making false reports against the man.

On Friday, Gaurison Devanathan, 28, was given the maximum fine of $5,000 on each of two charges of lying to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Feedback Division that Corporal Siva Prasath Pillai, 31, was seen patronising HR Unisex Beauty Saloon in Boat Quay, and that he had inappropriately conducted a check on a woman at Clementi Mall.

The court was told that the two men came to know each other in 2010.

Cpl Siva began avoiding his calls after Gaurison asked the policeman to provide information on offenders.

Gaurison created a fake Facebook account and sent messages to Cpl Siva, who ignored him.

Gaurison was at his Loyang Avenue home on Jan 6 this year when he decided to send a false complaint by emailing the SPF Feedback Division to say that the corporal was seen patronising HR Unisex Beauty Saloon at Boat Quay. The email was forwarded to the relevant department for investigations.

When Gaurison felt that the SPF was not taking any action against Cpl Siva, he created an email address and drafted another email, posing as a female writer who said she felt insulted when Cpl Siva conducted a body search on her at Clementi Mall on Jan 16. This Jan 24 email was sent to Deputy Superintendent Gail Wong of the Criminal Investigation Department.

An investigation was carried out.

Gaurison admitted committing the offences as he said he was disappointed in the police force with the way it had handled certain cases. He was also upset with the corporal for avoiding him.

His lawyer Kirpal Singh said Cpl Siva had bought health supplements from his client and was prompt in paying for the first few orders. But when Cpl Siva joined the police force, he did not pay punctually and had delayed payment for more than a month.

He said Gaurison was concerned only about being paid for the supplements, which he had paid for and passed on to Cpl Siva, who still owed him more than $100.

Gaurison could have been jailed for up to one year and fined up to $5,000 on each charge.