Ex-cop jailed for sharing photos of riot suspects for cash

Terence Lam Guo Long showed another man photographs he had taken of suspects in a riot in Little India in October 2015.
Terence Lam Guo Long showed another man photographs he had taken of suspects in a riot in Little India in October 2015.ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

After snapping pictures of suspects arrested in a riot as part of his work duties, a police station inspector shared them with an outsider for a cash reward.

Terence Lam Guo Long, now 38, had abused his authority when he showed confidential police photographs for bribes totalling $1,000.

He was jailed for seven months and six weeks, and ordered to pay a $1,000 penalty yesterday after pleading guilty to two charges under the Official Secrets Act and one count of corruption.

Two more charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act were taken into consideration during sentencing.

Lam committed these offences between October 2015 and January last year when he was still a policeman. He resigned in February last year.

Lam had joined the police force in 2001 and was later deployed to Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre as a deputy team leader.

Between 2008 and 2009, he got to know dispatch driver Lim Sua Huat, now 61, while investigating another case, and the pair stayed in touch.

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    A clerk with the Traffic Police investigation branch who gave contact details of 23 accident victims to a law firm executive in exchange for cash was jailed for 18 weeks.

    The 61-year-old woman was also ordered to pay a penalty of $2,500 - the amount of bribes she received from the legal executive at the firm.

    He had approached her at her workplace and asked if she wanted to work with him by selling contact details of people involved in traffic accidents. She agreed to his proposal to pay her $200 for each successful referral.

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    A former police sergeant was jailed for 19 months and fined $60,000 for offences that included gaining access to police information to help a nightclub manager check if one of his employees, who had not reported for work, was in police custody.

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    He relayed this information to the nightclub manager via WhatsApp even though he was not authorised to do so.

Lim approached Lam after Lam and his teammates arrested 13 people for rioting in Clive Street in Little India on Oct 4, 2015.

The police officers had used their mobile phones to snap photographs of the rioters for work purposes and Lim wanted those pictures, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Sng.

He added: "Lim said that the headman of one of the gangs involved in the fight wanted to see the photos of the arrested individuals so that he could kick the troublemakers out of his gang.

"The accused told Lim that he would not send the photographs to him, but would instead show them to him on his mobile phone."

Later that month, the two men met at a coffee shop in Veerasamy Road in Little India, and Lam showed Lim the pictures.

Two months later, Lim gave him $500 as a reward.

On Jan 19 last year, he called Lam again, asking him to send over photographs of some individuals involved in the rioting case. This time, Lam transmitted five pictures to him via WhatsApp. He later received another $500 from Lim as a reward.

Lim's case is still pending.

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