Driver pleads guilty to causing death of motorcyclist

SINGAPORE -A motorist making a right turn on an amber light failed to notice a motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction.

He crashed into its rider Mr Arvind Rajah Gopal, 25, who died about a week later from his injuries.

Wiltson Lim Hee Leng, 57, pleaded guilty on Wednesday (April 18) to causing the 25-year-old's death through a negligent act on Jan 2, 2016.

At around 9.15pm, Lim tried to make a right turn into Jurong West Street 42 from Jurong West Avenue 1. He was in the first vehicle on the extreme right lane.

Mr Arvind - who had the right of way as he was going straight - was riding from the opposite direction, along Jurong West Avenue 1.

But Lim did not give way to the biker, straying into his path. The two collided and Mr Arvind was flung off his bike.

After the accident, Mr Arvind was taken unconscious to the National University Hospital in an ambulance.

He died of a head injury on January 10.

Court documents said the weather was fine, visibility was good, and the road surface was dry when the accident took place. No mechanical defects were found in either vehicles.

Lim was offered bail of $15,000. He faces a jail term of up to two years or a fine, or both.