Delivery driver faked robbery to siphon $506K from employer

SINGAPORE - A Malaysian delivery driver who faked a robbery to get his hands on more than $500,000 from his employer was jailed for four years on Thursday for criminal breach of trust.

Suleiman Latiff, 28, admitted to misappropriating RM800,000 (S$306,640) and $200,000 when he was employed by JBS Global, a Malaysian moneychanger, on Jan 29 last year.

A district court heard that Suleiman had earlier met Malaysians Suthagar Rajamoney, 28, and Abdul Wahid Zainudin, 33. At the meeting, Wahid discussed a plan for Suleiman to hand over cash entrusted to him by JBS.

Wahid and his accomplices would wait in Singapore for Suleiman to meet them with the cash. After that, Wahid would use a knife to cut Suleiman to make the fake robbery seem more authentic.

Suleiman agreed as he wanted to get rich quickly, the court heard.

That day, after Suleiman had received the money from a colleague at Woodlands Town Gardens, he rode his motorcycle along Bukit Timah Expressway where he stopped by a blue motorcycle and a black car parked at the side of the expressway.

He handed the cash to Wahid, who passed it on to Sukumaran Turasamy, 44, who was in the car. Suthagar was on the motorbike.

Wahid then used a knife to repeatedly cut Suleiman, before leaving on Suthagar's motorcycle. Sukumaran drove away with the cash.

Suleiman called his colleague and said that he had been robbed. The colleague came and took him to a clinic and called the police.

Suthagar was jailed 12 months last year for intentionally aiding Suleiman to siphon money. Wahid and Sukumaran are at large.

Suleiman's sentence was backdated to his arrest on Jan 30 last year.